Tuesday, September 15, 2009
CozyCot Holy Grail Party


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

was just looking at the past few days of my life and thinking about some stuff...

happy and unhappy stuff had happened and so i was just thinking about them. somehow, despite having one unhappy thing that just happened a while ago, i'm still feeling happy with my life!

It brings me to this thought that I guess sometimes it’s really just the perspectives. Like the analogy Yassy always uses – Is the cup half empty or half full? And in my case, it’s not even about half empty and half full. After all, it is obvious that my cup is more full than it is empty. There's definitely more happy things than unhappy things in my life. In my case, it’s more about what do I focus on – what I have, and what I do not have.

I do not (at this moment) have a family who completely understands me and respects my decisions. It’s okay, I know that all they did are just their way of saying they love me. They are watching out for me and perhaps the way they communicate it is not my favourite form of communication. It's okay, I'll pray for them :D

I have, however, a great spiritual family who’s out there, supporting me, rooting for me, pushing me on, bringing me forward. I have a  great CG! I have a great future before me. I have great talents that God has blessed me with. I have great friends who care and love me. I have great spiritual parents and leaders who look out for me and pray for me. I have so many wonderful things in life to focus on. Why focus on that one thing that I do not have?

What we focus on grows. If I let all the bad things that happened occupy my thoughts and take up my energy, I'll barely have any left to do other stuff. Like grow. Sometimes it's hard to just get up and go. Many of us like to cry and make ourselves feel better before getting up and continue running. But nah, I'm not going to waste that time and energy. I'm just going to focus on the good things.

All the good things in my life makes me happy (:
I'm so thankful to God for this great life of mine!

But I’m sure there’s more to life than this still. I’m looking forward to every single part of it!

i'm still sick and feeling horrible and tired all the time.
my cough syrup knocks me out. i take my flu medicine through my nose (AND IT'S REALLY COOL!). but they hvnt really worked that well in making me feel better.
but yet i've mugged quite a bit!

i went to charmaine's house to study last night! (okay, we really spent more time playing than studying..)
she has a cute little cousin called Ethan! well, i think it's her cousin. i remember her saying it's her cousin. little Ethan is only 19 months old but he learns things real quickly! 
I showed him Phineas & Ferb on my laptop and he was imitating Candace say, "B..B...Bu..But..But"
My laptop was on the floor and when he accidentally paused the video, I used my toes to press the spacebar to get the video going again. The next thing I know, he was putting his foot on my laptop, trying to do the same thing!
Ethan is soooo adorable!

i can never get tired of little kids (:

this boy from YSC drew this picture on the white board. SO CUTE.

he actually drew another one that i didn't take a picture of.
now that i think of it, i wish i did.
the other one says something like "God is in troble! Quick, call ambulance!" (that's how he spelt "trouble".)

these kids are just amazing!


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Saturday, April 11, 2009

good friday was awesome :D

Pastor preached a very thought-provoking sermon! as how my gp tchr would put it, AT FIRST GLANCE, the sermon would have been offensive. HOWEVER, ON FURTHER REFLECTION, it was truly thought-provoking, different! Just the sermon title itself caught me off guard. i mean who will be expecting to hear a pastor talk about 7 things i hate about christianity, in a church, on easter? But everything pastor said was just so real, so applicable, so easy to relate to.

And that's what i believe evangelism is about. More than spreading the truth, it's about making the Bible and God real in our lives, that through our lives people can see that God is indeed real and then want to find out more. And i believe that this is surely better than shoving the Bible down people's throats. I, even as a Christian, hate that about Christians. Be Christ-like, people. Don't repeat what the Pharisees have clearly done wrong.

i can't wait for the rest of the series!

we witnessed their water baptism today (and 66 other baptism candidates too). i can't wait for my turn to come! but i really dream that when i get water baptised, it'll be the same day that my parents get water baptised. How cool is that man! Seeing Elgin and Auntie Jennifer get baptised together on the same day.. Yeah, that's what i dream about.

anyway, i just want to say that i REALLY REALLY REALLY love Charmaine Lim :D
she's just so amazing and i love her to bits. i'm praying with her about tmr, can't wait to see her tmr and i can't wait to mug together with her on tuesday.

i can't wait for another AWESOME service tomorrow!


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Saturday, April 04, 2009

today i had an awesome time worshipping God with puah! we were just practising for CG but God's presence came and we just felt led on to just dwell and spend time in the presence of God, prayed together.. it was woooo. awesome. puah was zai! and i just know and have faith that tmr's cg will be great too!

OH I DROVE VERY FAR TODAY. haha from amk to serangoon but along a not very challenging road i must say. but i'm just happy i got to drive so much today. my license is nearing reality :D

okay, and tmr's gna be a long day.
catchya around yo.


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Thursday, April 02, 2009
in need of a fresh revelation

ytd i spent some time with ivan on our way to town from church!
it was fun just talking to ivan and though that conversation was really short, it really inspires me! i'm happy to see ivan so happy with his life! it's like his joy and satisfaction with his life was infectious and some of it stayed with me even after ivan left!

talking to ivan, i realised its time for me to really spend more quality time with God, to seek a fresh revelation.

we had an amazing leaders meeting with pastors on tuesday! it was a really long 3 hour meeting which felt nothing like 3 hours! i'm just feeling so excited for the future now! just as many before me has done it, i can also serve God and do well for my A's!
it's about having faith, having revelation, having determination!

last night, i went to play L4D for the very first time! and as expected, i was all giddy at the end of the hour and i could barely walk straight. but the funny thing is during school today, i kept feeling like... I CANT WAIT TO PLAY AGAIN! hahah despite all the pain i had to go through for a full half an hour after the game. but it really was fun man!

this weekend's gna be a busy and exciting weekend!
except for the fact tht i might have to miss service on sunday because of AJC family day. i'm still trying to find a way to get out of it, cracking my brains, praying real hard.. i dont have to go school on monday because the school declared this sunday to be an official sch day. WHICH MEANS I HAVE TO REPORT IN SCHOOL AT 7.30AM ON SUNDAY... so i really dont know if the monday holiday is that good a thing. i'd rather go to church on sunday and then go school on monday.
guess just got to really trust God now first!

okay, i'm going to mug now!


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Saturday, March 28, 2009
fun week :D

this is a really fun week!

ytd we had a powerful session with C3!!!
the band came and showed us many stuff and it was seriously a great session.
what did we learn?
its something beyond words can describe, you just have to be there to experience it.
in fact, we probably wont be doing God's presence justice if we can explain it so simply.

tonight, we are also having with a powerful session with c3!
but its not the band, its my wonderful cg!
there's a total of 9 noisy girls here (and 1 quiet and hardworking yassy)
and we're all going crazy on guitar hero world tour!
it's like wooohooo very fun!


i also went out with deco to buy new stuff for the ministry but the exciting things we found were the little shops behind arab street!
its cool!
i found 2 pairs of shoes that i completely fell in love with but currently have no kaching to buy them.
but well, I ORDERED 2 THREADLESS SHIRTS and im really happy.
man, im so addicted to shopping.

2 days of elearning and well, i must say im really happy that i dont have to be in school.
i hope they dont remove the material.
im so not done with it.

okayyyyy im gna rock on guitar heroes now.



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Monday, March 23, 2009
with braces! (again)

i've got braces again!
realised i forgot how it felt like to have braces. but one thing for sure, i really didnt miss the discomfort, the smell, the taste.
and i forgot to eat lunch.
i forgot that i cant eat solid food and all i ate today was a little kueh from the canteen's snack stall.
what was wrong with me.
im starvingggg now!

the holidays came and went and it feels like i didnt accomplish much academically.
but believe me, the stress is taking over already.
beginning to feel really scared if i cant do well.
a levels is a real test of one's faith man.
(and i know the army pple will say army's worse)
oh well, i better buck up and mug harder already.
(anyone out there who would like to offer physics expertise?)


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